Last Friday, I got to celebrate four years of marriage to the Mr.


We have had some wonderful years together and enjoyed many adventures in that time. However, every year we discuss new ways to celebrate our anniversary. We have talked about so many vacations and activities that we have never experienced before- and yet, every year we let our anniversary pass by without doing any more than going out to dinner.

We wanted to make sure that our four year anniversary was different -so we decided to go skydiving!


We went to check out a new skydiving company in the area- Music City Skydiving. Ya’ll, they are awesome! They are located about an hour away so the drive wasn’t bad. The hardest thing about skydiving is the waiting- we had to get there a few hours before it was our turn. The wait is so worth it though! This was my second time jumping and the Mr.’s first- the instructors were so friendly and helpful, we even spent the day hanging out with the owner! I will definitely say that I was way more impressed with this company over the one I jumped with a few years ago. If you’re in the Middle TN area, we highly suggest you check out Music City Skydiving!