The last two weeks have been very go-go-go for me and the baby. It seems to be that we were constantly rushing out of the house for meetings/lunches/appointments. While I wouldn’t trade these times for anything, I have found that being on the go makes it a bit harder for me to monitor my water/food intake. And that isn’t good for anyone, especially because I have a tendency to get “hangry”- or so I’m told.

For those confused…Hangry: when you are so hungry that you’re angry…according to urban dictionary.

I try to stick to natural remedies so I started digging into my toolbox. I upped my water/food intake, applied essential oils, and yet I was still left was a nagging headache. One of my favorite  research topics is how certain body positions/stretches can affect different areas of the body. So I began to study yoga poses for headaches. Here are 10 poses for you to look into:


Cat pose:Marjaryasana


Modified Eagle Pose: garudasana


Seated forward bend: Paschimottanasana


Child’s pose: balasana


Leg up the wall: Viparita Karani


Knees to chest: apasana


Seated spinal twist: Ardha Matsyendrasana


Head to Knee: Janusirsasana


Corpse Pose: savasana


Deep breathing: Pranayama




*Disclaimer: I am not a certified Yoga instructor. These are exercises that I have learned from others and incorporated into my own practice. Please do your own research on yoga poses and how to do them properly.