I know this is crazy late, I’ve been a bit preoccupied with some exciting news ( which I promise to get to in a later post) and Baby Boy was sick for the entire week last week- we literally spent everyday laying in bed cuddling waiting for his fever to break. I hated the fever but loved the cuddles!


Over Labor Day weekend we went camping with my family. This was only my second time camping in TN- maybe only my third time camping ever. Don’t get me wrong, I have stayed in many cabins but I’m talking about tent camping. I say this because in my introduction to the camping world, I have found that many people will ask you to specify.

A while back the Mr. and I had a discussion about wanting to be a camping family but we also knew how hard this was as we didn’t have any equipment to survive without borrowing it from friends. Its hard to go camping when you can’t make camp! Also, apparently its a bit hard to camp with an infant/toddler. So we invested in some gear and decided to go for it.

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