Last week I talked about being in a rut….and I’m still there. I spent a lot of time talking with the Mr. about this and I think we figured it out. I have only ever ran 13.1 miles- a half marathon, well I officially hit that mark on Sunday (1/24) and then I was supposed to keep going. This is also the longest that I have consistently trained, both running and cross-training. Normally my training plan is pretty haphazard ( I know, I am literally the world’s worst runner) so my body is at a point of hitting a plateau. But I’m refusing to give up, instead I’m giving myself grace- which is very easy to preach but very hard to practice. So this week’s schedule wasn’t very full, I took some time to rest and re-evaluate. I also found that my body/muscles were very tense/tight all week so I spent more time stretching and foam rolling.

Monday: Rest day (I actually drove around the entirety of East TN today, Nashville >Chattanooga>Kingston>Nashville)

Tuesday: 3 miles (28:58), foam roll (10 minutes) and much of my day was spent cuddling. 

Wednesday: Yoga (20 minutes)

Thursday:Rest day

Friday: 7 miles (1:03)

Saturday:Rest Day, foam roll (10 minutes

Sunday:Rest Day, foam roll (10 minutes)