This week felt like such a difference from the last two weeks! I have found that I’m trying to work my runs in during the day instead of late in the evenings (when it’s colder). This means that I’m pushing my stroller- luckily I have a great running stroller, but it’s still a 25 lb stroller with a 20 lb child inside it. The resistance it adds is definitely noticeable! All in all, my miles are adding up and I can tell that my body is getting stronger. After my run yesterday, I tallied my miles and I have officially run 200 miles since I started training in November!

Monday: Yoga with Adriene (30 minutes), Jillian Michael’s Ripped in 30 ; Week 3

Tuesday: 3.1 miles with stroller (30:05)


 Wednesday: 7 miles with stroller (1:12), foam roll/stretch (20 minutes)

Thursday: 4 miles (37:17), foam roll/stretch (15 minutes)

Friday: Rest


Sunday: 15 miles (2:26), foam roll/stretch (15 minutes)

Totals: 29 miles (4 hours, 45 minutes), Yoga (30 minutes), foam roll/stretch (50 minutes), JM (30 minutes)


So, 15 miles is the longest distance I have ever run! I’m not going to lie, I was incredibly nervous about attempting this distance and during the run it became a big mental game. So many times I wanted to quit but not because I felt that my body wanted to quit- because I was scared that I was going to fail if I attempted my full distance. I ended up finishing all 15 miles (no intervals!!) and doing so at a good pace for me.