I had a pretty uneventful week here- another high mileage week in training. I did set another distance Personal Record (PR), 16 MILES!! I am noticing that I am seeming more consistent with my pace which is great, also I have eliminated intervals. I’m not saying that I won’t do them again but for the moment I am feeling pretty strong in my distances. Here’s what my week ended up looking like!

Monday: Rest Day, foam roll/stretch (15 minutes)

Tuesday: 4 miles with stroller (40:17), Yoga (25 minutes), Foam roll (10 minutes)

Wednesday: 4.71 miles (47:11)

Thursday:Rest day

Friday: 4.3 miles with stroller (44:22)

Saturday: Rest day

Sunday: 16 miles (2:37:52), stretch/foam roll (20 minutes)

Totals: 29 miles (4:48), yoga (25 minutes), Stretch/foam roll (45 minutes)


As you can see my mileage is increasing and in this portion of training, I am trying to make sure that I don’t get injured by not putting my body through too much. I have cut back on my circuit training/workouts so as to truly give my body time to rest and recover in between runs. This means doing more yoga and stretching/foam rolling.

I’m also working through what my schedule can be arranged to look like as I went out with a running group on Wednesday. The problem is that Wednesdays are usually my second longest run ~8-10 miles at the moment but the group only runs 2-5. So if I want to keep meeting up with them I may have to adjust my schedule while still spacing my runs out enough to recover/rest in between. I really enjoyed meeting up with the group though- it definitely makes the miles go by faster when you can converse with others!

Have you ever run with a group? Do you prefer to run with others or would you rather do solo miles?