After almost seven months of training, it was finally time to run my race! Now, if you know anything about Nashville then you know that spring is a time of unpredictable weather. We could have multiple seasons in one day and there is absolutely no planning ahead for it! The first year that I ran the half marathon it was extremely hot- we’re talking like 90 degree weather by 8 a.m., the second time I ran it was in the 40s with heavy rain, and the third time was another hot one. This year they were calling for rain and storms and/or extreme heat…yeah, Nashville. All of the weather discussion had me nervous, on top of the whole running 26 miles. The race ended up delayed by almost an hour- so even more time to be nervous!

My friend Magan came to run Nashville with me! (before the race)

Just joining 30,000 of our closest friends for a long/early run!

We got to run through the new baseball stadium!

  On my way to the finish line!

My biggest supporter! It has been a long few months of training and spending more time out running than with him. I am so thankful that he goes along with my crazy dreams!

Magan and I rocking some new bling! (After)


Bling and a Finisher Jacket- You can bet I’ll be rocking that around town!

Hugs, kisses, and a mouthful of CARBS!!

hills, hills, and more HILLS!


I’m not going to lie y’all- this was hard! Even after all my training. There are so many unpredictables that happen in racing and all I could do was prepare myself to the best of my abilities. I finished in 5:06:25 and I know that may seem slow to others, but as a race where finishing was my goal- I am so thankful to have accomplished all  I set out to do. The Nashville Marathon is notoriously hard due to hills and weather so I was often told that I was crazy for making this my first marathon. I guess I figured if I could run in Nashville then I could run anywhere…so where should I run next?