I enjoy coming up with fun projects for our home. I always have regardless of our living situation- townhouse, apartment, rental house. All of my old projects were done with a temporary mindset. , But now. Now, we are home. I want to create and create well. I want to learn the skills needed to make things that will look great and be loved in our home for years. I want to have stories.

I am still learning how things fit in our home. I enjoy rearranging and figuring out how to best use our space. So when I came across this picture on Pinterest, I thought it would be a great addition to our living room. We have some space behind our couch where Abram has a play area and our patio door is. We needed a place to color pictures, plan menus, and occasionally eat without going to sit in the kitchen. I also loved that it would be extra seating when we have people over (which is my new favorite thing).

My first matter of business was to get in touch with my amazing, talented (and amazingly talented) cousin. He is an artist on so many levels and has helped with many projects around the house. So I asked if he had any great reclaimed wood for the top of my table. When we started going through his workshop he said he had a great idea and he pulled out this beautiful piece of wood- it was perfect!

Let’s back up here. When my paternal grandmother passed away, my grandfather asked anybody if there were items in the house we wanted. I wanted the piano, my grandmother’s piano, the one I first learned to play on and spent many family gatherings toying with. We got it down to TN and I was ecstatic- as was the Mr. We soon found out that it wasn’t in the best condition and would completely break if we tried to tune it. I was sad but we allowed it to stay in the (rental) house as decoration….then we were moving… to an apartment…on the second level.  The broken piano couldn’t come- I was devastated. My cousin had the foresight to keep some of the larger pieces of the piano in the hopes that he could make a shelf or something for me. Then, just this past December, my grandfather passed.

So, naturally, this piece of wood my cousin had saved was the only option for my table- in fact it was even the right size!

We found pre-cut legs at Home Depot and John attached them for me.

I stained the legs a bit darker to match the floors and other tables in our house.


*please excuse that my sofa covers are off- washing day!
I am crazy about this table. I can’t think of a better way to honor my late grandparents than by sitting at this table and playing with my son.