A while back my cousin texted me about this great deal she was offered when she went to buy this giant window- $20! Now, I’m not sure how familiar this crowd is with DIY and Pinterest lately but windows are the thing… and expensive- usually a simple 4 or 6 frame window runs at least $20 so this was a bargain. Without any idea what I would do with it or where in our house I would hang it, I said yes!

I would love to say that I immediately went to work on this craft but the truth is that it sat in our garage for quite a while- I even messaged someone else to see if they were interested in buying it off me. After letting it sit for a while, and buying new (to us) bedroom furniture, it finally hit me what would be the perfect fit- a bedroom mirror! 

First time using this Krylon looking glass spray and it was awesome! I ended up using 2 cans at roughly $8.50 each.

 Paper towels and a spray bottle of water- using this tutorial , I was able to figure out how to antique the mirror- I knew that I didn’t want a solid finish.

Waiting to dry!

Hanging in the bedroom! (special thanks to the Mr. for his awesome work hanging the mirror!)