Last week I celebrated my 27th birthday. Now, I’m going to be honest here and tell you that I was kind of apprehensive about it at first- not that I could stop it from coming but because of all the “you’re so  close to 30 now!” jokes that I heard. I think the worst part is that I don’t really have any fears or issues with getting older, but for some reason all the jokes made it seem like a bigger deal. Then I got to thinking about this year- y’all, I truly think the reason birthdays don’t bother me is because every year lately has brought new adventures. I’m not saying that there aren’t times when I wish for something different but i do feel that my “old age” 😉 is bringing me some wisdom about enjoying each season!

Looking back to one year ago- my 26th birthday. I spoke out a crazy dream about running a full marathon before my next birthday, 26.2 at 26. I told people, I wrote it down, I put it on the internet (😜)! Here is where I can honestly tell you that I expected to fail. I’m not sure why I had this thought but it wasn’t until I was a few months into training that I really decided I could- no, I would- do this. Well, If you have ben following along, then you know that in April, I succeeded. You can read all about that here. I am also excited that I didn’t quit after the marathon although I did switch my training. I am currently focusing more on strength (I’ll post a workout update soon!) 



Another huge item this year was that on my birthday last year we were staying at my parents while looking for a house to purchase. Well we found that house about a month after my birthday! We closed in September and spent 2.5 months gutting the house and getting it livable.  Now we are still working through projects and decorating (as is always the case with being a homeowner-or so we’ve been told) but we have throughly enjoyed this labor of love! You can check out those pictures here or filter through the site to find individual projects!

And finally, we took a BIG vacation this year. It was my Father-In-Law’s 70th birthday so the whole family took a camping trip together in Ouray, Colorado. We drove out so our dog could go and spent a whole week camping! We had so much fun and I can’t wait to share pictures!


So those are some of the big adventures of the last year- I am not sure what the next year looks like yet but I am excited to enjoy it all!