At the beginning of summer, I decided to try my hand at gardening. I was a bit worried as I tend to kill all the plants that come in contact with me. However, my veggie garden proved successful and we have eaten more zucchini this summer than we ever have in our lives! Our tomatoes caused a few headaches though- no matter what I did, they just weren’t  growing…until now! The tomato plants have completely taken over the garden and I am out there about every other day picking them. With this abundance of tomatoes, I needed to find different recipes to use them all. When it came time to celebrate my Sister-in-Law’s birthday, we decided to make fajitas and use my tomatoes for some homemade salsa!

I found the recipe here and then adapted to our needs.


freshly picked!


A cute helper is always a bonus!





Our changes : We used less cilantro than the recipe calls for because, well, I don’t really like it and I’m the chef so I get to make those calls. And I hate chopping jalapeños because my hands seem to react poorly so I bought canned, diced jalapeños and used about 2 tbsp of that (we have some family that can’t handle the heat!)


This salsa was delicious! Everyone loved it and it was very easy to make- we will definitely be using this recipe again instead of buying jarred salsa!